Okay, Now This Is Just Silly

On September 12, 2008

The other day I posted about a serial crApp App that was appearing in the App Store.

The "developer" changes one thing, adds a new image and charges another buck for this new "app". (I hesistate to even call it that.)

At that point we had-

Days To… Anniversary,

Days To… Baby and

Days To..Exam.

Each time it is the same app with a new "event" and picture.

At the end of the post I quipped,

"Maybe next we’ll get… "DaysTo Tomorrow…"

I was joking, but since then we have gotten-

DaysTo Election Day 2008

DaysTo Halloween

DaysTo Thnaksgiving

Days To New Year

DaysTo Valentine’s Day

DaysTo Hannukah

DaysTo Christmas (Let me get this straight, there is an "interfaith penalty" and it will cost you $1.98 instead of $.99 if you celebrate both. Is that fair? 🙂

This "developer" has 10 of these things in the App Store with more coming every day. 

In the meantime, I have a friend who has submitted an app to Apple for inclusion in the App Store. It is original. It is clean. It is Original. It is fun. It Is FREE!!! And it has been rejected each time due to minor UI issues.

Fun, Free Clean… Rejected

Stupid, Dumb, Unoriginal… Available

Give Me A Break!