Olloclip lenses for iPhone – Amazing optics

On November 29, 2013


Olloclip announces a new set of camera lenses that adapt to the smartphone. Olloclip 4-In-One has four different camera lenses, “fisheye”, “wide” and two macro types. Like other photo accessories these small lenses adapts right on the smartphone camera. For now it is only developed for the iPhone and costs about $70.

More companies are moving manufacturing accessories for smartphone cameras. It was even announced a microscope that works with an iPhone. Bodelin, an American company specializing in equipment for scientific research, created ProScope, an accessory that turns your smartphone into a real microscope.

Very important to note is that this device is very close to the performance of a laboratory microscope. The device is mounted as a case on the Apple phone and camera lens is positioned right on the smartphone’s camera. The lenses are able to increase up to 80 times, according to which ProScope designed.

Olloclip-4-In-One 2

To get more into details and talk about its components of a 15x macro lens with a 12mm focus distance, and a refreshed 10x version with 18mm focus distance. Quite awesome, isn’t it?