OMG!!! Free Remote App Works Like A Charm

On July 11, 2008

Unhappy that Apple stopped bundling their little white remote with new computers? If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch you don’t need to worry and longer.

The free Remote app available through the App Store not only replaces the remote but it is MUCH MORE POWERFUL.

Setup was simple. After loading the app on my iPhone I started it only to be greeted by instructions on what to do. I followed them- easy as they were- selected my iPhone from the dvice list that magicaly appeared, input the preselected code and… boom… my iPhone was now a remote. 


Can you increased or decrease volume? No problem. But heck, the little white remote does that.

Can you advance or repeat a track? No issue. But heck, the little while remote does that too.















But does the little white remote show you your playlists?

Nope, but my "iPhone remote" now does. 

And does it show me the available tracks? Nope but my "iPhone Remote" does.

Oh, and I get the lyrics on the iPhone too (because I previously set iTunes to do so.)

And, oh, did I mention it is a FREE download.

(Now if only my MacBook Air’s sound didn’t stink.)