OnLive Desktop allows user to use Windows 7 on the iPad

On January 13, 2012

There are a few applications which allow the user to use Windows 7 and it all involves virtual machine but a lot of these applications are available for a charge. Some example includes VMWare View which is available for free. Another one that is good to look at is OnLive Desktop.

OnLive Desktop is a free application created by OnLive Inc. This is the same company which specializes on cloud gaming which allows even the most obsolete computers to play the latest games without the need for high-end components. All there is to do is to have a broadband fast enough to stream the game.

The same concept is used on the OnLive Desktop for iPad. There are a few service plans available on which the first one is free. The free version comes with 2GB worth of cloud storage and also has Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The Desktop Pro version on the other hand is available at a price of $9.99 per month. Added features are 50GB worth of cloud storage, Word, Excel and PowerPoint pre-loaded, cloud-accelerated Web browsing as well as the ability to add PC applications. As for the last feature, new applications will be added in the future.