Opera Mini Android Web Browser Apk Download

On March 17, 2012

Opera Mini Android

Opera Mini Android – Now with a mobile device in nearly every home, it has made it so easy  for people to access the internet, either from home or while you are on the move. That is the best thing about these new mobile devices, you can pretty much go on the internet from wherever you are in the world. When it comes to desktop PC most people have a preference when it comes to their choice of internet browser, some people use the default Windows browser, the classic Internet Explorer, while some may use FireFox or Google Chrome, but Today I am here to talk about the Opera browser .

Opera Web Browser was created by Opera Software, and was first made available to the public in 1996. Meaning Opera is nearly as old as Windows OS itself. In 1998 Opera Software decided to try and capitalize on the quickly expanding mobile internet market, and set up a team to try and make a port of Opera for mobile devices. In 2000 version 4.0 of Opera was released featuring compatibility on many OS’s and other platforms, but mainly mobile phones.

Opera Web Browser has been used as a common choice of  browser for many internet users around the world. Topping 200 million users it is safe to say the Opera Browser is used by a good percentage of the internet population.

Opera Mini Android

Now as you know with a lot of these latest phones everything has to be as streamlined as possible, this is where Opera Mini Android comes in. Opera Mini Android  is a streamlined version of the classic Opera Browser and it is specificity built with better functionality for mobile phones. Opera Mini Android is already available to download at the recently renamed Google Play (Formally known as the Android Marketplace) to download it just follow this link here