OS X 10.8.1 update to address problems with Mountain Lion battery life

On August 22, 2012
When OS X Mountain Lion was released many owners of MacBook Pros with Retina Display rejoiced, however the happiness didn’t last long soon after the release users were reporting substantially shorter battery life. One test showed  a 38% decrease in battery life, moving from eight hours of battery life on a single charge under OS X Lion to just five hours under OS X Mountain Lion.
Softpedia recently reported that it has heard from one developer claiming that OS X 10.8.1  does indeed address this battery life issue.
“Until I installed 10.8.1, my MacBook was showing 4h:05m after a full charge,” he said, referring to the amount of time before the battery would deplete completely.

“After installing 10.8.1 it’s showing over 8h,” he said. “I’m now able to use my Mac throughout the day again without having to carry my charger,” said the happy developer.

It will be interesting to see if Apple does indeed address the battery issue with their update, and if they will officially acknowledge the problems that users have been having.

How about you have you experienced any difference in your battery time?