OTA, Wallpapers and iMessage updates in iOS 5 beta 2

On June 25, 2011

If you had iOS 5 beta 1 installed in the device you surely have noticed that OTA updates menu will not recognized the Wi-Fi. The problem was the way how iOS 5 works, Apple has not configured exactly the right option for OTA updates in iOS 5 and it was impossible to install iOS 5 beta 2, for example.

In iOS 5 beta 2 Apple solved this problem and to access that menu is a query to Apple servers to determine whether there is an update available. If there is an update then it will be automatically downloaded and installed, but in the delta version, it will download only files modified in iOS.

In iOS 5 beta 1 does not display for some people the  wallpapers from the system, instead it is displayed in their place a white border that do not provide access to anything. In iOS 5 beta 2 wallpapers have been re-introduced by Apple in exact the same format as before and their activation are done in exactly the same way as before. Perhaps in the final version of iOS 5 we can see some new wallpaper but until then we should be thankful for the ones we already have.

Last news is about the iMessage service which unfortunately does not work between devices that have iOS 5 beta 1 and iOS 5 beta 2. Apple made some changes in the services that controls iMessage and unfortunately you have to have iOS 5 beta 2 installed to use them.