Over Half Of The Applications Should Be Updated To Be Compatible With iOS 7

On August 4, 2013

iOS 7 will bring many changes and, as normal, developers will need to update their applications to make them compatible with the new version of the operating system for iPhones.

According to a recent study conducted by The Iconfactory, 52% of applications in the App Store needs be updated to work correctly in iOS 7 and 95% of developers are already working on this. Basically developers are highly interested to make their apps compatible with iOS 7 and if this study is true, then almost all applications that require updates will be on time.

Given that over 94% of iDevices are running on iOS 6 on less than a year after its launch, it is clear that the adoption rate of new versions of iOS is extremely high, and developers need to update their titles, or risk lose a lot of money. In general, important applications are updated on time, but the problem is that many of them will require the use of iOS 6.x so can be run, so some people will remain unable to use them and the situation will be worse when the applications will requires the iOS 7 installation.