Paper Keyboard turns a paper into a wireless keyboard

On November 13, 2013


Simply because it is possible, a new free iPhone app, Paper Keyboard, turns your paper into a wireless keyboard.

I find it incredible that after so many years since I first laid hands on an iPhone, someone is still managing to launch applications that leave me dumbfounded. When such an application is free, then you certainly do not have to wait too long to install.

Contrary to misconceptions that only a 3D printer can achieve a functional keyboard, a iOS application named Paper Keyboard includes a keyboard in PDF format that can work as well as possible. Simply download the app from the AppStore, print it on A4 paper on which it offers and position your phone in the upper left corner of the paper. Once you have gone through all the steps above, you can start typing on the paper. You will be amazed when you see that this little program developed by Gyorgy Kereke is functioning almost perfectly after you are accustomed yourself with it. The whole magic of the application is in the front camera on the iPhone that can “read” the keys that you press.

Although at the time when I discovered the application I didn’t had the opportunity to test it, given that not it’s free and is not very difficult find a printer to list the keyboard, you should not encounter any problems. In addition, seems to work better than I expected from the video below.