Pebble release Pebble Watch SDK to developers

On April 15, 2013


Readers might remember that a few months back Pebble, the e-ink smart watch garnered much media presence when they secured more than $10 million on Kickstarter, finally after a long wait the company has released an official public SDK available for iOS developers.

For those unfamiliar with Pebble, it is a customizable, Bluetooth-enabled smartwatch with an e-ink display that can communicate with iPhone and Android smartphones. 

On the official Pebble Watch website the creators behind the watch wrote the following about the release of the SDK:

Your patience has been rewarded…you have a brand new Pebble Smartwatch in your hands. And, of course, now you want to make it do your bidding. This developer documentation will show you how to create your own functionality for a Pebble Smartwatch.

Even though you are currently limited to creating different watch faces, you can do pretty much whatever you want but Pebble does give a small warning.


This is a Proof-of-Concept Release of the Pebble Smartwatch watchface Software Development Kit (SDK). Code written using this SDK can negatively impact stability of PebbleOS and in the worst case, brick a watch. As long as you steer clear of poking registers manually and generally setting out to mess too much with the firmware, you should be fine. But we can’t guarantee it at all. The goal with this SDK release is to gather feedback from the Pebble community and funnel that information towards a revised SDK (with memory protection) suitable for wider use. Keep in mind that any code written for this PoC will most likely be broken by API changes between these two releases.

Aside from that, have fun!

You can grab the SDK from Pebble’s website right here.