Permanent Unlock for iPhone with SuperPaddyNL

On April 13, 2011

Another unlock website service claimed to offer permanent unlock for your iPhone, it’s

First of all, not affiliated with, this articles is purely for information purposes only. Use his service at your own risk. I never tested if it really works, so please give it a try yourself, let us know about your experience with this unlock service ( if you don’t mind 😉 ).

This guy can be reached via twitter @superpaddynl and offers permanent unlock for iPhone only for 174USD – EXCLUDING PAYPAL CHARGES. He previously only offered AT&T locked iPhone, but now he offers for any iPhone, no matter what carrier it is unlocked to.

Simply go to, put your IMEI number, and click submit. You will be redirected to PayPal to complete the payment for unlock. He claims that the permanent unlock should be available for your iPhone within 24 hours.

The below information was available on his official unlock website

Factory unlock for ALL iphones 3G/3GS/4
It does NOT matter which provider it is locked to
You do NOT need an official SIM card
Payment to paypal [email protected]
Mass payment/or you must pay the charges
Please include imei in paypal payment

Instructions to unlock iPhone!
Download latest version of Itunes from Apple Website
Connect iPhone
Once you do this please: Connect the Phone via the usb cable while Itunes is on
Update your iPhone
If you phone is not the current version (most updated), it will prompt you to update.
Please update to current version (which is most likely 4.3.1)
Insert sim
Please insert foreign sim card (Please make sure the sim card is cut to fit in the slot)
Check Network
It should automatically detect the new network.
If it does not please go to Settings => General => Reset => Reset Network settings.
It will take about 30 seconds.
Check Itunes
It will not show on Itunes that the phone is unlocked.
You will see the phone Searching for signal.
If it does not please do a Restore and restart the phone.
It should now be unlocked permanently!