iPhone Permanent Unlock services discontinued (CutYourSIM, SupperPaddyNL, OfficialUnlocks, FunkySpaceMonkey)

On April 23, 2011

iPhone Permanent Unlock online services that we introduced about a week ago were temporarily unavailable for unknown timeframe. OfficialUnlocks.com, SupperPaddyNL, CutYourSIM.com, and FunkySpaceMoney.com were suddenly stopping their iPhone permanent unlock service for time being. They gave no specific time frame when their permanent unlock service will be back.

iPhoners.org previously reported that CutYourSIM has discontinued their iPhone remote unlocking service for any carrier. But this recent famous unlock method are shutting down.

OfficialUnlocks.com stated that their service will not be available until further notice:

at&t iPhone unlock activation server Update : Our at&t iPhone Activation server will be off-line until further notice .
We apologize but we are not accepting orders for at&t iPhone unlock activations right now. We are still able to Activate Unlocks for iPhone’s locked to some other countries.
There is no website right now that can offer at&t iPhone Unlock Activations, please beware !

SuperPaddyNL also seems hopeless about AT&T Unlock service will be back again:

However, FunkySpaceMonkey.com keep updates about their unlock service, they are trying their best to get your iPhone unlocked permanently.

Apple’s servers are down at the moment. NO IMEI will be submitted until they are back up. Thanks for your patience…. I’m sure everybody knows about the downtime on Apple’s servers. Because of that, everything slowed down, and it takes up to 72 hours now. If you placed your order on Thursday nigh/Friday morning, your IMEI is being processed but it will take longer. We understand the frustration, and because of that, ( WITH solid proof, of course ) we can provide refunds BUT you will loose your place in line. We suggest you to be patient. Thanks for understanding.
UPDATE 2: The service will be back up today ( we don’t know for how long tho ). You have two options: 1. believe whatever you want to believe 2. get your iPhone unlocked. IF/WHEN Apple will block the whole thing, if your IMEI didn’t get processed, ( with proof ) you will get a full refund.
UPDATE 3: All IMEI’s that were paid up till 4-18-11 will be submitted again tomorrow morning to test server. Reports are that supplier had a few more customers confirm unlock from 2 -4 day server.So thats a good sign!