PhatWare Formally Steps Into The App Store In A Big Way

On May 27, 2009

PhatWare makes some of the best handwriting recognition software for devices such as those running Windows Mobile. I was a huge fan before my Apple-conversion led me into the wonderful world of iPhone OS.

While they have slowly been making the move into the iPhone and iPod Touch landscape, they have formally announce their involvement in the platform in a big way with the launch of an entire WritePad Product Line for iPhone and iPod Touch.

The apps, WritePad Affairs, WritePad Events, and WritePad Notes version 1.8 are already available in the App Store. A special introductory price of $2.99 will be effective through June 2009. After that the price for each will go to $4.99.

We’ll be looking at the apps in the next few days. The full Press Release after the jump…


Organize your notes, affairs, and events on iPhone or iPod Touch with advanced handwriting recognition for text entry

Mountain View, CA, May 27, 2009 – PhatWare Corporation, a leading provider of software products and professional services for mobile and desktop computers, announces the release of three new products for iPhone and iPod Touch: WritePad Affairs, WritePad Events, and WritePad Notes. All three products use WritePad text editor with built-in handwriting recognition and advanced editing features for text input.

WritePad is a text editor developed specifically for iPhone and featuring handwriting recognition input for cursive, print, and mixed handwriting styles, in addition to an iPhone soft keyboard. Further, WritePad supports multilevel undo and redo, cut, copy, and paste commands, text selection, and includes a spell checker. It also offers a text analyzer allowing users to dial phone numbers or open URLs embedded in the text.

Advanced features of WritePad’s handwriting recognition engine include a user dictionary, intelligent handwriting recognition which improves recognition quality over time, and an auto-corrector which automatically fixes common spelling and recognition errors. WritePad’s shorthand feature allows users to perform editing commands, insert current date and time and repetitive text by writing a short name and drawing a circle around it, and simple gestures to perform standard editing commands.

WritePad Affairs assists users with organizing daily tasks, jobs, and contracts. Users can create, edit, and view items in landscape or portrait mode; sort items by due date, subject, priority, color, category, and status; filter by text found in the subject; export and import items via CSV files compatible with Microsoft Outlook Tasks format; and copy/paste text between items.

WritePad Events enables users to create, edit, and view events in landscape and portrait mode; sort events by date, subject, priority, color, and category; filter events by characters or words found in the subject; export and import events via CSV file compatible with Microsoft Outlook Journal format; and copy/paste text between events.

WritePad Notes is a notes organizer for creating, editing, and viewing notes on an iPhone. The application offers landscape and portrait mode and enables users to sort notes by subject, color, and category and filter notes by characters or words found in the subject. It also allows them to export and import CSV compatible notes compatible with Microsoft Outlook Notes and PhatWare PhatNotes formats and copy/paste text between notes.

WritePad Affairs, Notes, and Events Editions include HTTP file server, which provides access to WritePad data files via WiFi from the desktop computer using practically any Internet borrower. PhatWare also offers WritePad Sync Lite, a free application for Windows and MAC OS, which can be used to quickly find one or more WritePad servers on the local WiFi network and launch the default internet browser.

For more information about WritePad product line, please visit PhatWare web site at

PhatPad Pricing and Availability
WritePad Affairs, WritePad Events, and WritePad Notes version 1.8 are available now tough Apple iTunes store and offered at special introductory price of only $2.99 each through the end of June 2009. List price of $4.99 will go in effect in July. WritePad 1.8 Demo is currently available for free download from the iTunes store.

WritePad Affairs:
WritePad Events:
WritePad Notes:

About PhatWare
Founded in October 1997, PhatWare Corporation is a leading provider of easy to use powerful software products and professional services for the mobile and desktop computing marketplace. PhatWare specializes in handwriting recognition, digital ink, note taking, and database and network management software development. PhatWare Corporation is a founding member of Microsoft Mobility Partner Advisory Council (MPAC) – a unique partner program developed by Microsoft Corp. to serve as a focused feedback mechanism for Microsoft Windows Mobile platform development, and provide leading companies with the tools and resources they need to bring the most innovative and successful mobility solutions to market – a Microsoft Certified Partner, and Microsoft Windows Embedded partner. To learn more about PhatWare, visit