Phone in the iPhone…

On July 19, 2009

Every once in a while, a revelation hits me.  In this case, it was while reading this article about the plunge in sales of Nokia phones and increase in Apple shares due to the iPhone.  Then it hit me.

How is the iPhone as a phone?

Let’s not forget the fundamental purpose of the device: to make calls.  Everything else: the programs, the Internet, the GPS… without the "phone" capability, the device would just be a computer.

If anybody wants to compete with Apple, they not only have to expand their app offerings, but they have to make better phones.  More people need phones than computers, so theoretically, that would be the reason someone buys one over another, right?  Better sound, signal availability, etc. all play their important rolls in that decision right?  Or is it something else?

I’ve always liked the "Flip" style of phone.  You know, where it folds like a Star Trek communicator.  A great idea for the iPhone would be, somehow, to make it foldable.  If I could fold the iPhone in half and slip it into my pocket, that would be a beautiful thing.  Will it happen? Probably not.  But it would fit better in my pocket and I would argue against my ear when talking if it was designed that way.

So, let me end by asking you a question:  what do you think of the iPhone as a phone?  Is it loud and clear, or could it use some improvements?  And if it could, what would you add?