Pico Projector for iPhone through PoP Video and WowWee Cinemin Projectors

On May 3, 2012

There are tons of accessories available for the iPhone and if you think that you use it heavily for reports and presentations, then we highly suggest that you get a pico projector. These are small, handheld projectors that would certainly become handy in a time of need such as through a short meeting where visual aids are mostly needed. There are two projectors that we recommend getting which are the PoP Video and WowWee Cinemin.

At $99, pico projectors don’t get as cheap as the PoP Video. It works with both the iPod Touch (3rd Gen/4th Gen) and iPhone (4/4S) through the 30-pin connector that is available in the two aforementioned devices. It gives out an output of 960×540 and can last for up to two hours on a single charge.

The WowWee Cinemin isn’t cheap because its price tag of $299 is the same with a contracted iPhone. However, its picture quality is certainly great which makes it worth the price but we find a problem in its resolution as it isn’t good enough to be used as a replacement to a dedicated (and bulky) projector. The plug and play feature is certainly good which reduces all the hassles of setting up the projector.