Plants vs Zombies Apk Android Download

On February 12, 2012

Plants vs Zombies Android Apk Download

Plants vs Zombies Apk Android Download – In this early 2012, Electronics Art seems to release some game and updates that will give us a brand new app. One of the apps is the app that actually has been released a few months ago. It is Plants Vs Zombies Android that included as one of the quite popular game. Plants Vs Zombies is even voted as the game of the year. This game is a game about the strategy that you will use to defend the house from the zombies, but your weapon is only the plants that need to be used cleverly. Once the zombies reach the house you will also reach your game over in this Plants Vs Zombies.

In Plants Vs Zombies Android, you need to be able to choose the best plants to encounter the zombies that got different special ability. You will find quite a lot of feature that make Plants Vs Zombies Android is not boring for us. These are the features that we will meet on this Plants Vs Zombies app. Conquer all 50 levels of adventure mode – through day, night and fog, in the swimming pool and on the rooftop; battle 26 types of zombies including pole-vaulters, snorkeler and bucket head; earn 49 perennial and collect coins to buy pet snail, power-ups and more; collect 10 fun-dead achievement.

These are the requirement for Plants Vs Zombie Android.  The display screen of the device that will be installed with Plants Vs Zombie Android need to support HVGA, FWVGA-WVGA and qHD resolutions, for devices with Android OS run inside them – need Android 2.2+, the features are vary by mobile devices. Based on the user review the rating of this game is in average rating. However, Plants Vs Zombies is an Arcade & Action game. Click here for download Plants vs Zombies Android on Android Market or Click here for download Plants vs Zombies APK Android.