Pocket Informant – Update News

On April 3, 2009

A number of us here on WOiP already swear by Pocket Informant. Sure it is version 1.0 of the aspp but it is already terrific and going to get better as it matures.

Speaking of getting better, version 1.01 of the app was submitted to Apple and should be approved any minute now.

Among the myriad improvements…

– Performance and Robustness improvements
– Many Bugs/crashes fixed
– Sync Improvements
– Faster and more robust Sync
– Shared Google Calendar Sync
– Pick Calendars to Sync
– Sync button added to To do view
– Several new Settings
– ISO Week Number
– Application Badge options for To dos and Events
– More Colors in Calendar Editor
– Background/Text/None Color display
– Past Appointment Style
– Month View First Day of Week
– Other settings improvements
– Improved Todo user interface allows for immediate complete or multi-select complete
– Built in Quick Start and Knowledgebase access