Pod2g confirms new jailbreak in a ‘matter of days’

On May 21, 2012

New jailbreaks are always nice to have especially when it supports a new firmware. In the case of the newest version of the pod2g jailbreak tool, it is capable of jailbreaking the latest iOS version in the market which is the iOS 5.1.1. However, it has yet to be released for the mass to use although that might not be the case for so long anymore.

The people behind the pod2g tweeted that it will not be long before the new jailbreak will be made available. In fact, it was stated that it will be released ‘in a matter of days’. This new jailbreak will allow for untethered jailbreak for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. In fact, it is expected to work on Apple TV 2 but not on the Apple TV 3.

A lot of people expect the new jailbreak to be released at the Hack in the Box conference which will start on 21st May and ends on 25th May. That timeline do seem correct and hopefully, it is because a lot of people are getting anxious on getting their hands on this new jailbreak tool. If you want to take a look on the devices that the jailbreak will support, take a look at this blog here.