Pod2g talks iOS 6 Jailbreak

On December 26, 2012

Those that have upgraded their iOS devices to iOS 6 may have some problems especially if they are used to jailbreaking their devices. Up until now, there has yet to be a working untethered jailbreak for these devices. This also means that the iOS 6 is one of the longest releases without a working jailbreak. Cyril or better known as pod2g, was interviewed by Sebastian Page and here are some of his words on the jailbreaking scene at the moment.

As far as the jailbreaking scene is concerned, he is sure that the iOS 6 will be jailbroken anytime within the 6 months and developers will also create new innovative apps for the community. However, he mentioned that Apple should open up and allow people to install unsigned application instead like the Mac OS X. He also commented on chpwn’s method of jailbreaking which isn’t possible to be used to the public community as it makes use of a developer’s certificate instead.

Pod2g has yet to start working on an iOS 6 jailbreak considering that he is occupied with creating his own company at the moment. However, a lot of people in the jailbreaking scene is hoping for his intervention although that might come a little late instead.