Possible Screen Of iPhone 5S In The First Image

On June 18, 2013

Yesterday, the motherboard we should see it in the iPhone 5S has appeared on the Internet and during this night have emerged including images that supposedly would show us the screen of the next device.

If the motherboard published yesterday gave to understand that the iPhone 5S will have implemented a larger chip than that available in iPhone 5, in the case of the screen is not observed noticeable differences from what we already see implemented in the iPhone 5 terminal. In the absence of such evidence, we are told, however, that the motherboard published yesterday is real, cables connected from the top of the screen seemed to fit perfectly with visible ports on the new motherboard.

Connectors are oriented for horizontal and vertical screen, motherboard has a horizontal and a vertical port, components are perfectly aligned so confirm that they are real and can be used to assemble most likely the new iPhone 5S. Lack of design changes is normal, since everyone already knew that Apple will keep the iPhone 5 design, so you have nothing more to expect than what you see here already.