Potential apps for Google Glass may come from eBay

On May 22, 2013

The success of eBay’s apps developed for Apple’s iPhone is largely due to the iPhone being the first mobile computing platform to become a commercial hit, and this success has revitalized its online marketplace in recent years. The company wants to ascertain that in case Google Glass is the next big thing in mobile platforms, the eBay apps will be the first arrivals there too.

eBay developers are working on possible apps for the Glass project by Google, which introduces a whole new concept of using wearable technology to shop and conduct broader commercial activities. Glass is an electronic screen the size of a stamp designed for mounting on the left side of a pair of eyeglass frames and capable of retrieving Web information, accessing messages, and recording videos.

eBay spokeswoman Amanda Miller said, “eBay Inc is participating in the beta of Google Glass and we are exploring the various use-case scenarios.”

According to her, the Innovation and New Ventures group of eBay, currently running under former eBay mobile executive Steve Yankovich, is participating in the trial program of Google Glass.