Pre-Review: Chef On Your iPhone

On July 8, 2008

Fueled by a desire to support our local farmers (frequenting all of my local co-op markets, of course), I decide that the fabulous, crimson (you can take the student out of art school, but not art school out of the student) point-of-purchase display (brimming with NJ heirloom tomatoes) on the veggie table is too much to resist.  So I hastily (although, not without taking time to savor a fragrant whiff as I put each one in the biodegradable plastic bag) load 2 lbs. of these juicy delights into my basket and head to the “register” (I use this term loosely since it’s really just an overall-clad teenager with a scale and cigar box.)  Great, but now what?  I wasn’t planning to make the usual “basil, fresh mozzarella, and (you know)” or puttanesca sauce tonight.  So, what to make, what to make, what . . .


Ever have a similar experience (perhaps without all the colorful illustrations)?  Well, fear not, because according to the soon-to-be-released “Chef on Your iPhone” app for the iPhone/iPod Touch, “you can search for recipes (although sadly only through the finite database base of recipes, continually updated and synced through, easily view your own and bookmarked recipes, as well as manage your grocery list.”

I love the full-color photo of freshly picked produce on the home screen and the small, but easy-to-view, enticing pics in the recipe index.  But is it enough to give me the confidence I need to experiment with spicy tomato soup (an actual recipe on the site, from the fabulous Moosewood cookbook), just because I was a bit overzealous at the market today?  I say yes!  Take a walk on the “wild side” tonight and cook something new on July 11th   🙂