Pre-Review: Life Record EMR

On July 8, 2008

Did you just place a shunt and need to confirm its placement?

Do you need to see that gall bladder ultrasound, that complex fracture x-ray or the CT scan showing a subdural hematoma but you are not at your office, a hospital or at your home computer to view it?

Worry no more my medical friends!!  There is a new iPhone application that will allow us to do just that.

"Life Record" allows remote viewing of a wide range of scans via the iPhone, and it’s just one of the dozens of features included in this EMR (electronic medical record) application.

Their promo piece says it all…

Imagine having medical records on any patient at any time
Imagine having up to the second healthcare data from any physician on any patient
Imagine Never having to wait for a fax to see medical history on a patient referred to you
Imagine- never having to fax information to a primary care physician when they are referred to you
Imagine having full medical imaging … Any where at any time
Imagine having all of this information on your pc, mac or apple iphone
Its here. Its now. Introducing Chart Anywhere by life record the next revolution in healthcare technology.

Best of all, with Life Record the EMR we are familiar with on a desktop becomes truly portible as it moves to the iPhone in the coming weeks!

Now if you’re on the golf course, out to dinner, lying on the beach or picking up your children you can look at your patient’s images remotely without having to rush to a computer to view it.

I’m excited about the prospect of this application because it allows us the freedom to live our lives and at the same time give our patients the care they deserve in a timely manner.

The imaging feature alone would make me seriously consider buying this EMR for my office. But it’s just a fraction of "Life Record"s useful features. Others include instant access to patient records, dictation, transcription, E-prescribing, SMS texting, enrollment, updates and many more. It’s quite a list and something that will make my work as a neurosurgical PA all the more efficient (not to mention convenient).

Obviously, I haven’t had a chance to use the application yet, but the description alone makes this a medical application worth watching.

I know it’s one of the first I want to test.

Over the next few weeks, I will have the opportunity to review a number of the new medical apps for the iPhone. One thing is already sure- we are entering a new world . . .