President Obama uses iPad to take videos during visit to school

On February 5, 2014

President Obama Delivers Remarks On ConnectED At Maryland Middle School

It is no secret that President Obama is a fan of Apple products, on several occasions he has been seen carrying around and iPad, he has also been seen using a Mac however the logo was covered by the Presidential seal. He previously stated that he wanted to carry an iPhone however due to security reasons this request was denied.

During a visit to an Adelphi school the President used an iPad to take videos of the class he visited. The President was visiting the school in order to promote the ConnectED program

For those unfamiliar with the program it is designed to bring high-speed Internet to 99 percent of schools in America within five years. The program is supported by  Apple with a donation of  $100M worth of iPads and other equipment.

Here you can watch the video President Obama recorded:

Here is the same video but through the eyes of the press:

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