Price Drop – Cronk

On April 10, 2009

I reviewed Cronk both here on WhatsOniPhone and over on Gear Diary a while back. Cronk is in the Zuma-family of games which made me an instant fan.

It is one of those games that I will have on my iPhone for a while, remove it for a bit to make room and then reload some time later. That, in and of itself, is a good endorsement of a game.

When I first reviewed Cronk it was $7.99- a bit pricey in my opinion. Shortly after that it dropped to $4.99 which was more in line with where I thought it should be. Well, we just found out that it is currently on sale for $2.99 which makes it a strong recommendation.

It is definitely worth checking out and, if this is your style of game, grabbing while the price is reduced.

You can get it HERE in the App Store.