Price Drop – GVDialer

On April 12, 2009

Google Voice  is poised to make some big moves now that the rebranded GrandCentral is online and has added automatic transcription of voicemail. (It is unfortunately, currently open only to those of use who had a GrandCentral account)

For those of us who are able to use it, it is pretty impressive. It works well and just might prompt me to make the move to it full time.

The only thing left to position it well was an iPhone app. After all, Skype is now available through a variety of apps including their own.

Enter GVDialer. GVDialer allows you to…

Use Google Voice from your mobile phone with GVdialer. Enjoy these great features: -One number – Present your Google number when calling from your mobile, keeping your mobile number private.-Simple calling – call directly from your iPhone’s contacts.-Google Voice access – get instant access to your Google Voice features, like Voice mail, Inbox & Goog-411. Want to use Google Voice only on some of your calls? GVdialer gives you the flexibility to use Google Voice on international, domestic, or on all of your calls. You can also set GVdialer to let you decide on each & every call. Calls that you don’t make with Google Voice will go directly via your mobile provider.

I also bought it when it first came out last week… FOR $9.99!! I tried it and it works. It isn’t the GV Mobile we have been expecting (that is a different app apparently) and doesn’t include SMS but, unlike reviews in the App Store, I have not experienced any crashes.

As noted, I bought it last week for $9.99. I paid the early adopter tax. You don’t have to.

GVDialer is now just $2.99. If you have Google Talk and are planning to use Google Voice GRAB IT HERE.

I’m excited to see what GV Mobile will offer and, having just watched their promo video again will likely be using it as soon as it is released. Until then, however, GV Dialer lets me use Google Voice no matter where I am.