The problem with AppleTV as iTV

On August 12, 2010

Apple TVOne could argue that an article on Apple TV is outside the purview of this blog.  However, given the rumors about AppleTV’s next generation, it becomes more relevant.

For those not keeping score, the popular rumor is that the next iteration of Apple’s television console will only have 16 GB of internal storage.  Essentially, it will be an iPod touch that you can hook into your TV (although apparently at only 720p.  That’s going to make some hesitate).  The price point will be $99 and it would be tough for even the most ardent Apple haters to argue with that cost.

The most interesting issue (and relevant to this site) is that this console will have its own set of apps in the App Store as well as running television programs and being interactive with iTunes.  You know what I think?  I think Apple just entered the gaming console market with a price point of about half of it’s cheapest competitor.

Granted, the games will likely be simpler, but they’ll also be cheaper than any of the competition and that will be a big factor.  If this device comes with its own trackpad, then existing App Store games could work with only minor modifications.

The only problem is that, according to the rumor, the new AppleTV will be called iTV.  Mr. Jobs, there already is an iTV and it’s a major television network in England.  You may have to license that name just as you did iOS.