Professional iOS App Design Templates Bundle – $47 Instead of $280!

On January 4, 2012

The iOS App Store Top 10 list… the one list many developers would consider selling their firstborn child to be on. It’s a magical place, one that offers fame, fortune, and potentially hundreds of thousands of downloads. But the apps that have made the list don’t have super powers. They’re just regular apps, with one little exception: DESIGN! You can’t make the top ten list without awesome design.

And that’s where this phenomenal bundle from App Design Vault comes in! Included here are four iPhone App designs that are completely customizable. All for only $47, an 83% savings over the normal price of $280!

Each theme is professionally designed and it includes over 20 design elements, all sliced up .PNG files ready to go into your app design. There’s a sample Xcode project that shows you how to use your theme so you can be up and running in seconds. PSD files are also included for more flexibility.

Here are some details on what you get with each theme:

Social Boo
Created specifically for Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare apps. It comes with four screens: a list of social updates, a user profile, a splash screen, and an icon. It also includes design elements like buttons, progress bars, etc. View template

A multimedia app theme specifically for apps that play audio or video. There’s an album title screen and a detail screen with red glowing player controls (rewind, fast forward, play, pause, etc.). There’s a nice leather navigation bar that adds a classy feel to your app (the nav bar can be used in any other apps you have). View template
A recipe app theme. Recipe apps sell well on the App Store, which is why top chefs like Jamie Oliver are all coming out with their own apps. Foody has a brown leather style, taking inspiration from the Find My Friends app from Apple (proof that you can adapt these designs to work with any kind of app). It includes a list of dishes, a detail screen with a list of ingredients, and a framed image for each dish. View template
An iPad PhotoBooks theme with an interface that resembles the Twitter app’s. PhotoPad can be used to design a photo book app for weddings, baby photos, holidays, and more. Both the Photoshop files and the Xcode project are included in the bundle. View template


Get ALL 4 of these app templates today for just $47 instead of $280!  Save over 83% off the retail price!