Prototype iPhone 4 on T-Mobile with 3G supports

On April 23, 2011

Running iPhone 4 3G mode on T-mobile network? Is it just another fake rumors?

iPhone 4 3G mode on T-mobile

I believe it is not!

Exclusively reported by BoyGeniusReport that Apple is testing iPhone for T-mobile USA.

This photo is prototype of iPhone 4 which being tested with T-mobile USA 3G bands. This prototype internal model is N94, while standard GSM variant is N90 model, and Verizon Wireless iPhone is N92 model.

BGR has also tested this T-mobile iPhone themselves by running a test version of Apple iOS on this prototype phone including it internal Apple test apps like Radar and Apple’s employee directory app.

According to BGR, Apple might be just testing a radio that compatible with T-mobile at this point in time for the next future hardware development for the-next generation of iPhone.

All iPhone model currently compatible with only T-mobile EDGE mode instead 3G due to incompatible frequencies.

So, the iPhone 5 may compatible with both T-mobile and AT&T 3G mode to support the highest speed on data-transfer, may also support dual-mode GSM/CDMA as previous report of Qualcomm MDM6600 chip inside iPhone 4 verizon