Quest Visual "Word Lens" goes free after Google acquisition

On May 26, 2014


It hasn’t been long since Google acquired Quest Visual and their Word Lens app, and now the app has gone free on the App Store. The Word Lens app translates any text between different languages in an instance, while that may not sound very novel the interesting thing is this app can translate words from an image as well.

Not only has the app gone free, but all in-app purchases are also free to download.

What’s interesting is the fact that the app works remarkably well, so well in fact that Apple recently promoted the app as a part of their ¬†“You’re more powerful than you think”¬†advertisement that promoted the iPhone 5s.

It will be interesting to see how and what Google plans to use the app for. All I can say is download the app, trust me it is a great app for all travelers.