Quick Jott Usage Update

On February 23, 2009

I’ve been on a bit of a Jott kick since they released their new iPhone app and for good reason- it is now a killer app for my favorite device. After my second post WOiP reader lgreenberg left a comment pointing out a significant flaw in the system. He wrote-

My only wish (and perhaps I missing it somewhere but I don’t think so) would be an option to preview the transribing before the message gets sent.  Twice today it sent messages with errors that if I had been able to preview I could have then corrected.

I responded-


Great point! While it would cut down on the speed and simplicity it would save a lot of potential grief!

To which he wrote-

It they implemented the feature but made it user selective it would be perfect.
This way if you were Jotting something important you could choose to preview it.  But if it was just going to a friend you could send it without previewing.

Turns out it IS possible to preview messages!


All you need to do is-


2. Wait to get the Jott

3. Open the Jott

4. Select "Send To Contact" and choose the contact.

It is quick, simple and helps ensure you don’t send a client something truly embarrassing.