Quick Look and Giveaway – Photo Resize

On May 20, 2009

I was really impressed with Multi-Photo, an app that allows you to send multiple photos at once. Photo Resize lets you send up to 15 images at once AND reduce their size significantly in order to save bandwidth.

This easy to use app scales and compresses photos to more email friendly dimensions, and then sends them using 60% less data than would otherwise be required.

Now lets face it, the quality of photos taken with the iPhone isn’t all that great to begin with and this makes them even worse but… if they are only being viewed on another phone… this can be a great way to quickly and easily share a bunch of pictures at once.

In our usage it worked well, did what it said and, for $.99 whats there to complain about…

Get it HERE. Oh, and there is a Lite version too.

We have a copy to give away… to enter to win just tell us your best iPhone camera story…