Quick Look – Freeverse’s Burning Monkey Casino

On November 23, 2008

The folks at Freeverse are nuts! Seriously nuts. (And that ‘s a good thing!)

After spending the summer playing their WingNuts 2 game for Mac I have come to appreciate their quirky style, their sense of humor and their  off-beat sense of what makes a great game.

Burning Monkey Casino is no exception.

The app costs a mere $.99 and for that you get… more fun that a barrel of monkeys. Want to play some slots? They have you covered. Blackjack? Yup. Video Poker? You bet! And the list goes on to include Money Wheel, Pachinko, Scratch-n-Win Lotto, 3 Card Monty and even a lounge act.

The game is, of course, optimized for the iPhone’s interface. You scratch the screen to reveal the dollar amount in the Scratch-n-Win lottery and swipe you finger to make the money wheel spin.

The app is fun and a great value for the price. It is, however, a bit rough around the edges. Actually, to be honest, it is very rough around the edges. For me, though, that is part of the charm.
And since I only bought it to practice up for the one or two nights I’ll be playing a bit of Blackjack while on vacation next week, it totally fit the bill.

Quick Take

Value: High. Lots of game for $.99. That works for me.
Would I Buy Again: Sure
Learning Curve: Low
Who is it for: Someone who wants numerous games for a low price and doesn’t need a slick, refined interface.
What I like: Lots of game options
What I Don’t: Crashed a bit every now and then

Final Statement: $.99. Enough said.

You can get it HERE in the App Store.