RadicalFlow allows designers to create iPhone and iPad apps without having to know how to code

On April 17, 2012

Are you a Designer?
Are you a Developer?

If you answered test to either of these, or you are simply interested in the process of creating a new App, then this is a product you will want to check out!

RadicalFlow is a Brooklyn based tech + design company in the heart of Silicon Alley. Founded by Dennis Martin, Derek Bronston and Sean Mosher-Smith, the team has been designing and developing iOS and Web since the beginning. The team decided to create a tool to make life easier for both designers and developers.

This is what the creators behind RadicalFlow have to say about their product:

Create an account, start a project and begin developing your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch App. Using RadicalFlow’s (RF) web based Canvas Tool you can quickly design an app and connect it to your content. Test it in real-time with RF’s Producer App until you get it where you want it. From there we handle the submission process for you or download the project and do it yourself.

The video below will give you much more of an idea about RadicalFlow