RainBallet, WaterProof iPhone 4 Case

On June 14, 2011

Need waterproof iPhone case?

Rainballet waterproof iPhone case

Check out this one, Rainballet from The Joy Factory.

RainBallet, Rugged, Waterproof Case for iPhone 4 with Intelli-filter Design for both AT&T (GSM) and Verizon (CDMA) iPhone 4 models. Rainballer is product of The Joy Factory, claimed to be able to protect iPhone 4 from water and dust, also extreme environments such as: at the pool or beach, during rainstorms and workouts, or at construction sites! The rugged case resists rain and water jets and keeps your iPhone dry, even if you drop it in water. And the Intelli-filter‚Ñ¢ design blocks only water, not sound, to preserve sound quality while in the case, so you lose nothing by adding protection.

Rainballet waterproof iPhone case wet

So you will still have a great conversation over the phone with Rainballet case installed on iPhone.

RainBallet features Sharpvue lenses on the front and back of the case, turning your iPhone 4 into a high-quality, waterproof iPhone camera. Take photos at the beach, the pool or in the rain. Add a stylish sports armband and sweat-proof your iPhone 4 during strenuous workouts. With RainBallet, your lifestyle won’t get in the way of using your iPhone 4 to the fullest.

waterproof iPhone case in water

RainBallet case fits with iPhone 4 both AT&T and Verizon models. It resists damage from rain, water jets, sweat or splashes. Intelli-filter design inside the Rainballet blocks water, not sound, to preserve sound quality, some waterproof cases for iPhone 4 may blocks sound as well, hence you will get bad quality sound while making calls. There also built-in shock-resistant structure provides extra protection for your iPhone and the front and back Sharpvue lenses enables high-quality photos through the case. And rainballet absolutely meets IPX5 standards.

Here is the RainBallet commercial video:

Anyway, RainBallet is most-likely similar with V-lock iPhone Hard-cases, except Rainballet case may easier to be found on the Internet. You can directly order a RainBallet waterproof case from The Joy Factory website https://www.thejoyfactory.com/products/protection/rainballet-iphone-4-waterproof-case-with-intelli-filtertm-design.html