Read It Later – Quick WalkThrough

On April 22, 2009

I am totally smitten with ReadItLater. Thanks to this neat little app/service I now run through my Google Reader list, mark whatever looks interesting and then come back and read it when I am good and ready. It is fast, simple and works well. Best of all, the more I use it the more I find it useful. THAT is the sign of a good app!

In addition, I am beta testing the next version of one of my other favorite apps and it now integrates ReadItLater. Moreover, I have been speaking to ANOTHER of my favorite app developers and suggested that they too add intergation in. From his response I think we’ll see that shortly as well. (Details on both as soon as I am able.)

A few people have emailed us asking questions about it. We thought the best way to answer some of the basic ones was through this quick video we found on the ReadItLater site. Take a look and no doubt you too will be using this awesome tool.