Read what IOS 5 beta 5 brings

On August 7, 2011

Tonight Apple thought to launch iOS 5 beta 5 for application developers for iOS.

The new version of the operating system is available both through the OTA update and update directly to a full IPSW and if you have jailbreak you cannot do OTA update due to limitations of Apple.

Below, you can find all the news that iOS 5 Beta 5 brings to the users. If you cannot see in the application Settings>Software Update the option to update, Apple needs resetting all settings before to do this thing. You must go to Settings>General>Erase all Content and Settings, but if you do this you will lose everything you have in your device and it will not start if you have jailbreak.

1. Notifying Push for Calendar application is not working.

2. iMessage doesn’t not work with users who have iOS 5 beta 4.

3. To receive invitations by Game Center you must reset the terminal.

4. It was resolved a bug that led to the inability to send emails.

5. The problem was solved because the red eye function of the Camera application does not work for some pictures.

6. The volume buttons do not interact properly with the operating system so the changes could not be recognized by the system.

7. There may be some problems with logging in iCloud or with the backups but it could be because Apple’s servers.

8. Apple has solved the problems with VoIP applications that were closed when it was excessive traffic.

9. Have been solved some problems that appear when the function Personal HotSpot was used on iPhone 4.

10. Wi-Fi sync button was moved under the one that activate the Bluetooth.

11. Some bugs have been resolved leading to inability to send emails with attachments.

12. Have been solved some problems for OpenGL.

13. Apple has implemented a feature that enables the Push notification when a new update appears to iOS 5.

15. There are problems with the activation device from the set-up menu.