Real Racing 3 update features Bentley and Mercedes-Benz, improved graphics and more

On July 3, 2013

The popular game Real Racing 3 by Electronic Arts received an update that brings lots of new features for iPhone and iPad users. This update, dubbed version 1.2.0, has added prestige cars manufacturers Bentley and Mercedes-Benz to the line of 55 licensed vehicles.

There are 180+ new events and the highly requested new event type, Time Trial, which will have you ghost racing, racing against friends, and racing against the world to claim the top position on the global leaderboard. There is also a progression system that lets you unlock the events and cars along the way as the new career progresses.

The update features per-pixel shadowing too, which delivers improved graphics for high-end devices. Lastly, there are bonuses. You will get a bonus boost for each day’s first race, with the bonus getting bigger with successive days of play. There is also the Clean Race Bonus for driving cleanly and fairly.

These additions have come as a welcome change for players who were worried about EA opting to retain the freemium model title.

Real Racing 3 [App Store link]