Reasons to get iPhone 4

On August 25, 2011

A lot of people today are confused on choosing the right mobile phone. The iPhone definitely is one of the best choices instead of the other ones in the market and knowing the right reasons as to why a user should take a look on the iPhone may clear out some doubts that he or she may have.

Hundreds of thousands of apps

What Apple currently offers today is something no other platform can afford to offer simply because they aren’t as prominent as the iOS. For the iPhone alone there are hundreds of thousands of applications to choose from. From normal applications to games, users can get an application for almost every task and the best thing is that new applications keep on rolling with the day passes.

Retina Display

Suffice to say that the retina display on the iPhone offers one of the best displays around although competitors such as Samsung offer Super AMOLED LCD which may be a tough competitor as well. Nonetheless, it looks very good and pleasing to the eye.

It looks good

It can simply be said that the design of the iPhone looks nothing like any other phones in the market. It is unique in its own ways and is easily distinguishable when compared with any other phones.

1GHz A4 processor

No, it isn’t the Audi A4 that is being talked about but the 1GHz A4 processor in the iPhone 4. It allows the iPhone to be more responsive and if compared with previous versions of the iPhone, the difference can be seen clearly.