Redire Jailbreak Tweak Enables Old Camera Shortcut

On April 15, 2012

The new iOS 5.1 allows you to get to your camera application by swiping up the home screen. However, to some, they are not used to it or in some cases, oblivious to the fact that this is actually present in the new iOS 5.1. For those that think that the camera shortcut is gone, think again because it is there but it just requires you to do a different kind of gesture to access it.

If for some reason that you do not like the new placement and still prefers the one present in the iOS 5, then you need to get Redire. This handy little jailbreak tweak allows you to once again place the camera shortcut next to the unlocking slider much like what used to happen in the old iOS 5. However, you would need a jailbreak device to make use of this tweak.

In the end, it actually comes to personal preference on how things should proceed. As for us, we prefer the old way of doing it and thus Redire would definitely come in handy for us. However, if by chance that you are running iOS 5/5.0.1 and would like to get the swiping shortcut present in the iOS 5.1, then Camera Grabber is the application to go.