Redundancy Is Good

On July 29, 2008

As the App Store continues to grow the number of applications with different takes on similar functionality and/or tasks continues to grow. And it isn’t just in the arena of task management which, from the very beginning, saw multiple versions with different functionality at differing price-points.

Competition is a good thing and the more we see multiple apps that do similar things, the more opportunity we will have to compare and contrast apps in the search for the ones that work best for us and are the best value.

As both the number of apps in the App Store and reviews here on WOiP increase we will do our best to not only review a specific app but also offer whatever comparisons we can between two or more apps with similar functionality. And, after doing so, do out best to recommend one over the other.

Along those lines, moving forward we will, whenever possible, include fields for "Similar Apps" and "Which Is Recommended" in our reviews.

And if we recommend one app over another and you disagree let us know in the comments.

Redundancy, repetition, saying the same thing over and over again    is a good thing- especially when it allows us to find the best iPhone and iPod Touch applications.