Release Date of iPhone 5S Announced By Analysts. Immediately Following The Cheap iPhone

On June 30, 2013

According to analysts, we don’t have to wait for long until the two phones will be on the market.

Analysts cited by the prestigious Forbes magazine estimated that the future of mobile iPhone 5S will be presented on September 20. They say that iOS 7 operating system, now in beta, will be officially launched on the 18th.

The future of a low-cost iPhone 6 would be released a week or two later, so on September 27 or October 4 at this point if the rumors come true. It would be released especially for some poorer markets like China and India. The phone that Apple wants to launch at a price far below iPhones market to date will not be nearly as elegant as the current models.

Also in October is expected to see the new iPad and the iPad Mini with Retina display. Maybe even a new Apple TV or a smart watch, iWatch, gadgets that would be catching the holiday season. We will resume soon with feature news about iPhone 5S as I am sure you are interested.

Meanwhile, on the Internet has come a picture of what appears to be the case of the low-cost iPhone, writes GSMArena: