Review – Contour Flick Case For iPhone 3G

On November 20, 2008

When it comes to iPhone cases I’m kind of like Goldilocks- I’m constantly searching for the one that is "Just Right". (That, mind you, is the ONLY similarity!) 

I want good protection that doesn’t add a lot of bulk or weight to the device. I want easy and complete access to all its functions, especially the touchscreen. And I want it to look great.

I’ve used various permanent shields and while I like the degree of protection and the fact that they don’t add weight or size, I don’t like the feel of them. So my search continues…

When RichardSolo sent out their 1800 Backup Battery for review they were also kind enough to included another of the growing number of products they have available on the Contour Flick. The Flick comes pretty close to meeting everything I want in a case.


It offers a "streamlined, low profile design" that the iPhone slides into. Once the iPhone is inside, the case is barely noticeable and since it weights just .5 oz it doesn’t add much weight at all.


The unique aspect of the case is that it is constructed from two pieces of polycarbonate that are joined by a recessed rubber hinge. It looks and feels like on unit but if you "flick" open the bottom the iPhone can still dock in its custom dock. Hence the case gets its name and its high degree of convenience. The design means you have full access to dock port, touchscreen, camera lens, sensors, antenna, hold switch, and volume control while still protecting the device itself. While it doesn’t offer any protection for the screen it does keep the device free from scratches… well… almost…

Unfortunately while I love the low profile and the ability to flip back the bottom quarter of the case and use the standard dock, I don’t love the fact that sliding the iPhone in and out of the case scratches the silver bezel. It is always a shame when the thing that should be protecting your device from damage actually inflicts some of its own.

As a result I offer this advice- if scratching the bezel is not an issue for you this case is absolutely great. If it is, however… like Goldilocks… keep looking.

Personally, I like the case a lot and have been using it quite often, scraches and all.

What I like:
Great, low profile design
Good protection for everything but the screen

What I Don’t:
Some scratching of the bezel with repeated removal

Available for $34.94 directly from RichardSolo with Free U.S. shipping and no tax outside California. For more information visit or