REVIEW: Songza – automatically match music to your mood!

On April 27, 2012

When trying to decide which music streaming service to use you are met with a plethora of different services. Last.FM,  Pandora,  Slacker or Spotify are but a few of the apps that you will meet. While these let you explore the music released by your favorite artists, Startup Songza focuses on themed playlists created by both Songza music experts and users. Songza has just been updated so we decided to review it.

After having played around with the app for a few hours you quickly become hooked, whats so great about this app is that the playlists have all be compiled by experts, and the app offers a playlist for pretty much every activity you can think about. Coming Down After A Party? There is a playlist for that,  Playing Between The Sheets yup there is a playlist for that too,  Waking Up On The Right Side Of The Bed also a playlist for that, by now you get the point 🙂

App Features:

– Music Concierge: By sensing the day of the week and time of day, Concierge suggests suitable situations you might want music for. Choose, and in 2 taps you’ll have the perfect 3 playlists at your fingertips!

‘Popular’ section, where Songza highlights the new and notable playlists they add to their library.

– Alternatively, you can browse Songza’s library of expertly-curated playlists when using the app’s Explore section. They’re intuitively organized by Genres, Activities, Moods, Decades, Culture.

– You can save a playlist by adding it to your ‘Favorites,‘ to listen to later.

Requests: ‘Playlist Request’ under Settings will populate an email to Songza for you to send.

While Listening to a Playlist:

– You can share it via Facebook, Twitter, Email, and add it to your Favorites.
– You can also access the playlist’s info, which includes the playlist’s description, the name of the playlist’s creator, and a short list of similar playlists.
– Tap ‘Buy on iTunes’ if you want to purchase the song you’ve discovered using Songza.
– The Now Playing button brings you to the music player, where you can pause, skip the current song, or give the song a thumbs up or thumbs down to help Songza tune into your preferences.

The only negative thing about Songza and a lot of these streaming services is that due to licensing constraints they are not available for users located outside of the United States.

Our rating: