Review – Vaja iVolution Top SP Holster

On November 20, 2008

The sweet leather scent that emanated from the white Vaja box was truly intoxicating. Then again, the sweat that was running down my forehead due to the contained excitement might have added to the smell.

I mean, I had waited 51 days for something I spent $120 on, and only bought based on strangers’ opinions online, and I finally had the opportunity to see it for myself. I had three very high expectations for the case, so it had better be a good-looking case, a protective case, and a quality case.

I looked inside the box, and saw what had been my most anticipated arrival, second only to my iPhone 3G: a black caterina leather case with a dark blue stripe running down its center (good-looking case: check); The Vaja iVolution Top SP Holster for iPhone 3G.

Immediately, I picked it up, took my iPhone out of the Griffin FlexGrip case it had been shamefully living in for over three weeks, and slipped it inside the SP. Or, at least, I tried to slip it in, but in reality I had to push down on the top of the phone hard for it to settle into place. For me, that was a good sign, because if it took my manly strength to get it in the case, then the case would not allow it to get out very easily, either (protective case: check).

I closed the front flap (protective case: double check) with a satisfying but muffled snap, and held the case at arm’s length to admire the effect of the case in my hands, and noticed it was actually very slim despite the sturdy feel it gave off (good-looking case: double check). When I was done admiring it, I tested it out to see how easily I could get it out of my pocket, because it had been a pain to get the FlexGrip out, due to the grippy silicone. I slipped the soft leather in, and I slipped the soft leather out just as easily (quality case: check). That proved to me that the leather was quality, as the softness is really unrivaled by any other "leather" case I have had in the past for any of my cell phones. One thing to note, though, is even though it feels very soft, the leather itself is really solid and sure to protect your phone without any doubt (quality case: double check).

If I could say more about the case I would, but it met and surpassed my three expectations, and I really could not be happier with my purchase. Vaja earned themselves a regular customer for each year a new iPhone model comes out.

Quick Take: Excellent case, very durable.
Would I Buy Again: You bet.  
Who is it for: People who are looking for the ultimate iPhone protection at any price.
What I like:
Soft leather feel, and precise build.
What I Don’t:  What’s not to like?  Then again, some might find the flap annoying.
Final Statement: Perfect, well-built case that sets the standards for every single other high-end leather case on the market.

For more information check out Vaja’s site HERE.