Ring video doorbell brings security and convenience at your door step

On March 26, 2015


Smart devices started getting a lot of limelight in the past few months, thanks to Apple’s smart home concept and the HomeKit SDK. But even before this developer kit was announced, there were pioneer smart device makers who thought ahead and made some great iPhone controlled home appliances. Many of them are gaining momentum now and Ring video doorbell is probably the best example.

Ring is just a door bell to begin with, but this tiny device is capable of much more. It doubles as your CCTV, automated monitoring system and intercom, even when you are not home. Ring connects to your WiFi and will be accessible right at the palm of your hand anywhere, via their free iPhone and iPad app.

Ring Video Doorbell iphone app

Whenever someone presses the doorbell, Ring sends you a notification which can be opened to see the live HD stream of your portico and communicate with the guest via the built-in speaker and microphone. This will not only help you engage your visitors, but also scare off any intruders checking if you are home. Even when you are inside, this seems to be a safer and more convenient way to answer your doorbell.

Ring also features a motion sensor which continuously tracks your front yard and notifies you about any activity. It has an 180 degree view and can be adjusted to ignore traffic, roadways, etc., for maximum utility. This is really useful especially when you’re out of town and at nights, when the night vision mode of Ring’s camera kicks in.

Ring Video Doorbell Motion alert

Ring comes with all the tools necessary to fix it on your wall, by yourself and within minutes. Ring packs a rechargeable battery that lasts for 12 months, or it can be connected directly to your house’s wiring.

Ring comes in 4 different colors of face-plates, so that you can choose the best fit for your house’s finish.

The company promises a lifetime purchase protection, meaning they will replace your Ring if it’s gets stolen, and for free!

You can watch the below video for a better understanding of how Ring works:

In short, Ring looks like a great automated security and communication system for your house, that works equally well even when you are away.

Ring is available now for $199. But What’s on iPhone users can avail a special discount of $20 by using the promo code ‘WhatsonRing15here.

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