Rinngo allows you to make ringtone directly from your music app

On February 9, 2013

Directly from the famous designers of Celeste application, today we have for you a new tweak called Rinngo, its role being to allow us to make ringtones directly from the music iOS application. The tweak is implemented directly into iOS, so when long press on the name of a song from the Music application you will be given the option to use it and in the picture below you will see an illustration of its interface. Practically it will be a simple system that allows you to choose which portion of the song you want to be turned into a ringtone and you just have to make sure that the tone does not exceed 30 seconds.

Rinngo is the best way to create ringtones directly from within the Music app. Simply tap and hold on a song to edit and preview your ringtone, then save!  Your ringtones are instantly available for use just as if you had purchased them from the iTunes Store.

        Use any music in your library

        Precisely adjust ringtone start & end

        Drag vertically to change precision

        Preview your ringtone before saving

        Beautiful user interface

        Many more features to come!

After selecting the duration of the tone, save it, make a preview and they automatically appear in the menu Settings>Sounds. Tones can be set only for phone calls, if they have 30 seconds, but if you make a lasting less than 10 seconds, you could use them for other shares of the iOS. Although Rinngo seems like a great package, I know that the developers from Coconaut Apps are not so serious as they abandoned applications, Celeste is a good example of this. Rinngo is available at a price of $5 in the BigBoss repo of Cydia.