RSS readers for iOS: Top Google Reader alternatives for your iPhone and iPad

On June 25, 2013


Search giant Google is closing its very convenient RSS reader Google Reader, and this has created quite a stir as users scramble looking for alternative ways of subscribing to their usual RSS feeds. There are several awesome alternatives out there you can start using before Google Reader’s end even arrives.



One of these is Feedly, an RSS reader that currently enables users to sync with Google Reader though this won’t be for long. When launched, Feedly brings up a menu of numerous sites ranging from Apple to Android to business to design, and you can subscribe to whole categories or individual sites with one click. You can also search for specific topics, site names, or URLS and subscribe. There is a History function, a “Save for Later” feature, and sharing capability on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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There is also Flipboard, a newsreader as well as social-network hub. Users are able to organize all the info they are interested in such that they can flip through it as if it were a magazine. With a Flipboard account, you can get full social connectivity through Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. You can also customize your Flipboard with the kind of stories you prefer in different topics including entertainment, business, news, and technology, etc.

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Pulse is the one that delivers all the news from all your favorite RSS feeds. It lays out the news from all sites either horizontally so you can swipe right or left to read each site’s other stories or vertically so you can swipe all incoming news from all sites. The app’s layout is intuitive, home screen customizable, and interface intuitive for touch screens.

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Google Currents


Google Currents is an RSS reader and magazine viewer. It uses the same magazine-style interface as Flipboard, with paginated posts and large images. You can subscribe to CNET, Forbes, and such-like app-optimized editions of publications and even download them.

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With Taptu, the user browses news feeds on a visual interface in much the same way as Pulse. You ease access to your personal Facebook and Twitter feeds by adding them. It is a great app for customizing news to the categories you like, as well as finding and tuning your feeds. You can also easily switch to a Web version of the news.




NewsBlur is your personal news reader, but better than Google Reader with its more informed interface. It allows you to import all your Google Reader feeds and you can use keyboard shortcuts to spin through thousands of RSS feeds in no time. You also get to interact with other people. The app’s focus mode means you can train it to concentrate on the styles and topics you most prefer.




Zite is a personalized magazine that will bring you all the great videos, blogs, articles and news you like. It is an intelligent magazine that learns your likes and dislikes, and then gets smarter as you continue using it. This is your ultimate finder of interesting new stuff.