Rumor: Apple Tablet coming in October

On July 13, 2009

According to Gizmodo, the Apple Tablet will be coming to market sometime around October of this year.  Keeping in mind Gestapo-style secrecy of the people in Cupertino, and the amount of times we’ve heard this before, this rumor has a pretty big chance of just being wishful thinking.  It does however, seem like it would be time for Apple to put one out, though.

Of course there are a thousand questions about this particular device.  How big will it be?  What kind of OS will it run?  Is it a competitor to the iPhone, the MacBook or both?  If it does have one of the major wireless providers behind it, which one will it be?  AT&T, whom Apple has had some friction with as of late?  Or perhaps Verizon?

The rumored price of the Tablet is

$800.  I wonder if the wireless data provider (assuming there is one and it’s not just a Wi-Fi device) will offer a discount on that for a two-year contract?

I have no idea what goes on in the heads ot Steve Jobs or anybody else behind the scenes at Apple.  This is obviously a competitor in the Netbook market and Apple’s OS would be a Hell of a lot less bloated and more capable for such a market than any other option (and particularly cool if incorporating a touch screen).

Time will tell.  Hopefully it will tell us in October.