A Rumor I Would Love To Believe But…

On June 6, 2009

Every now and then a rumor comes along that you KNOW isn’t correct. You KNOW it. You REALLY REALLY KNOW it.

And yet… you so want to believe that maybe, just maybe, your head is entirely wrong and the rumor is somehow true.

THIS is one of those rumors….


GearLive’s Andru Edwards posted a provocative piece entitled "Prediction: iPhone Video launches Monday June 8". Contrary to what everyone else expects AND every other experience we have had with Apple and the iPhone Edwards argues that, in part due to pressure from the Pre, Apple will break its normal pattern of announcing a handset and then releasing it some weeks later and let loose some units as soon as the announcement is made.

Is it just wishful thinking when he writes,

What you don’t know, though, is that Apple will likely make the iPhone Video available the same day. Yes, you will be able to pick up the next version of the iPhone on Monday, if you get to an Apple Store before they sell out.

I don’t know but he seems rather confident. He goes as far as to suggest that 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB models will immediately be released but that the rumored 4GB budget model isn’t ready and won’t even be sold in Apple retail stores when it is. (That’s the kind of detail that gives the most outlandish rumor a feel of truthfulness.)

So why does he say we’ll see AND be able to get new hardware Monday? You can see his piece for the details but here is the quick rundown, with comment.

iPhone 3.0 is done and ready for download and preload on new handsets. (Comment- It may be but Apple can’t afford another iPhone 2.0. They and we lived through super buggy firmware once. They’ll take the extra time to make sure it works right this time.)

The Palm Pre is the first real contender to go up against the iPhone and it is out today. (Comment- Apple has done an amazing job of stealing a good bit of thunder this past week without saying a word. Add to that the fact that the more I read about the Pre the less is really looks like a threat and I really begin to wonder if this would be a big consideration. )

They will release it but the number of phones will be limited since they planned a July launch. (Comment- Apple doesn’t rush. And when they DO you get last summer. They know it and we know it. Maybe, though they’ll release a dozen units so reviewers can write them up and create buzz. We assume Mossberg already has one. But that isn’t RELEASED.)

As I wrote at the outset… I REALLY want to believe this is true. I hate waiting. I hate surprises. Instant gratification is my middle name. But as much as I want to believe it there are just too many aspects that don’t ring true. Then again, my schedule is fairly clear mid day on Monday and there IS a nice little restaurant right next to the Apple Store in the Short Hills Mall…